Leadership Development Programs

Our Leadership Development programs are hands-on to allow for maximum impact. Sessions include:

  • Leader Lab - a blended learning solution that draws on proven leadership concepts while weaving in an organization's own business issues for discussion. Session topics may include: defining leadership qualities needed to drive business outcomes and engage employees, effectively communicating a personal vision and how it supports business outcomes, determining key groups to influence to achieve buy-in for key business strategies, applying techniques to prepare for and guide employees through risks and challenges, and applying techniques to celebrate success. We work with you to customize the session to meet organizational needs. Coaching sessions are available for participants following the session for an additional fee.​

  • Leader Lab for Electric Utility Leaders - Transitioning to a leadership role in the electric utility industry requires the ability to think differently about the complexities of the business.  Leaders may find their previous successes were linked to technical accomplishments, while their new role measures success based on their ability to motivate and inspire technical professionals. The Electric Power Industry Leadership Program guides emerging leaders in the transition from technical expert to inspirational leader. Customizations can be made based on business need. Coaching sessions are available for participants following the session for an additional fee.

  • Brainstorm Lab - using the premise that leadership is measured by influence and impact, not by the amount of technical expertise a person has, this learning solution puts leaders to the test by applying their leadership skills to a non-profit organization's business need. Prior to the session, participants take a self-assessment to understand their thought process when introduced to a new situation. This information will be leveraged as part of the overall learning experience. This session also provides the opportunity to give back to the community and can serve as a powerful leadership development program or be customized to serve as an impactful team building experience!

Custom programs may be created to meet additional business needs.