Talent Management and Strategy

High performing organizations need a strong talent management strategy. We work with you to assess your current talent management processes and programs against best practices and your future business needs. The assessment leverages several methodologies, including surveys, facilitated work sessions, and benchmarking to ensure we maintain a clear focus that aligns with your business strategy. Results of the assessment lead to the creation of a roadmap identifying priority enhancements and implementation based on identified gaps, as well as recommended steps for implementation.

Leadership Development

Successful leadership development is not an "off the shelf" solution or a one size fits all
approach taken from a book. Rather it requires understanding business outcomes
 and the behaviors that lead to those outcomes.

Leader Lab Consulting's approach to leadership development is one that first looks
 through the lens of business strategy and desired corporate culture to determine
the leadership requirements needed to achieve an organization's goals. 

After the initial assessment, a look is taken at the leader's current behaviors and the
gaps that may exist. A plan is created and support mechanisms - such as the leader's
supervisor or a mentor - are identified to ensure long-term success. Together the plan
​ is implemented and the results are measured.


The path toward sustainable results begins by envisioning the "ideal" self - who you are when you are at your very best. By imagining this state, participants in our coaching program generate the excitement needed to reach their goal. Leveraging the energy from what is possible, our coaching process helps participants look at "what is," determining what behaviors and beliefs are holding them back from being their best. A development plan is created and opportunities to practice desired behaviors are identified. As part of the process, participants also identify a network of those who can help them remain focused on their goal and encourage them along the way. Our experience shows that this process has the necessary elements to sustain desired change.

Facilitation Services

Sometimes outside assistance is needed to plan and guide a critical conversation. We facilitate meetings such as strategic planning sessions, talent reviews, panel discussions, team brainstorm sessions, and employee meetings. Our involvement allows you to participate rather than worry about managing the session. We work with you to identify the desired outcomes, understand the audience and their needs, and create the plan. Our sessions are highly interactive and designed to draw out the thoughts of all involved.